Monday, November 25, 2013

Four Thanksgiving/Fall Looks

American thanksgiving is coming up, and I know a lot of people like to get together in big family gatherings, and others just like to look good, so I've put together 4 quick and easy thanksgiving looks. If you're in Canada or another place in the northern hemisphere where it is currently fall, these looks are good just for fall.

Pictures are below.

1. Super Simple Brown Shadow.
Assuming you're a beginner, or are busy cooking on thanksgiving, this look takes less than two seconds. I literally just swept a brown shadow into the crease and blended it out to my heart's content.

2. Sparky Smokes.
Here, all I've done is built off of the first look, taking a very sparkly brown shadow and applying that all over the lid, blending it into the crease. I also added a shimmery champagne highlight.

3. Simply Gold.
Here, I took two gold shades, pressed the lighter in the inner corner, and pressed the darker one in the outer corner. Blend the edges and you're done.

4. Glamorous Gold & Violet.
Here, I've built off of the previous look again, adding a violet shade to the crease, blending the colors together, and then adding a purple winged liner.

I tried to make these looks quite simple and fall appropriate, while still pretty!

Ps, sorry if my pictures are crap, my lighting was AWFUL but I wanted to work with what I had to make a seasonal post!

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