Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tutorial: Shimmery Rose Gold Smokey Eye

Hey guys, today I bring you a tutorial on achieving a Rose Gold Smokey Eye look, and it's one of my favorite eye looks to do, as it has the drama and visual appeal of a smokey eye while softening the look up with a gorgeous metallic twist. Le'ts get right to it!

Step One:  Make sure your eyes and face are clean and free of debris, oils, and leftover makeup.  In this photo I've just cleaned my face and applied foundation to the area around my eyes, below my eyes, and my eyelid.

Step Two: Prime. If you want this look to last all day or night, a primer is the best way to do it. I'm using e.l.f.'s essential eye primer in pearl, but you can use any other primer, or a concealer of your choice that you know isn't oily and will keep the shadows all day.

Step Three: Now that the eyes are primed, I'm taking a matte light pink and sweeping it all over the lid and up to the brow bone. The color almost looks white but is a very light pink. This sticks to the primer and acts as a matte base for the other shadows, as the primer (although not recognized by the camera) is very sparkly. Also here, I've filled in my brows but I'm not going to describe how I've done so, as I have an extensive brow tutorial on the way.

Step Four: Now I'm taking a gold shadow and packing it onto the lid, up to the crease. 

Step Five: To create the "rose" part of the rose gold look, I'm sweeping a medium pink over the gold that I've just applied.

Step Six: To add definition to the eyes, I'm taking a dark pink and then a coppery medium brown, and applying them respectively, the brown slightly lower than the pink. I'm using a windshield wiper motion to apply these to the crease.

Step Seven: To smoke out the look, and keep the lines between the crease color and the highlight shade from looking too harsh, I'm taking a light pink just above my crease color (the dark pink) and blending it between that and the matte baby pink.

Step Eight: Next I'm going to open up my eyes by adding a very light shimmery gold color to the inside corners of the eyelid.

Step Nine: Now to Balance the top and bottom of my eyes, I'm applying the dark pink to the lower lashline, relative to the length of my lower lashes, going from the outside corner to about the middle. Then I'm taking the light gold to the bottom lashline in the inner corner, connecting it to the inner corner of my top lid.

Step Ten: To add to the drama, I'm taking a black eyeliner, and lining my lower and upper waterline, and then I'm going to smudge it along the top lashline, not adding too much, but just enough to thicken up the base of my lashes.

Step Eleven: Now I'm taking my favorite mascara and simply applying that to the top and bottom lashes.

Step Twelve: I'm now sweeping a soft pink blush along my cheekbones, not using a highlighter because the blush has golden tones to it, and then contouring my cheekbones with a bronzer for added definition.

Here's the completed look! I've decided to leave my lips bare, aside from a lip balm, just because I wanted to keep the focus on my eyes. Ignore all the craziness in the background, I swear I'll get better at taking pictures!



  1. I love the eyeshadow look! What palette is that, btw? (I like that rose shade!)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Thanks so much! The palette is e.l.f. little black beauty book, day edition. It retails for $6 on I have a review of it and several other e.l.f. products just before this post. I really love the rose shade, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to work it into more tutorials because it's honestly one of my favorite eyeshadow colors ever!

    2. D'oh, should've scrolled down further on the homepage; could've found out that way XD
      I'll go check out the review now!

      But I totally agree, that rose shade is really gorgeous!

    3. Thanks a ton, your comments have made my night, and I checked out your blog, and really love it, so I subscribed :)

    4. Aaklsdjskfn thank you!

      (I was wondering who the poetry blog was though, haha)

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