Friday, September 6, 2013

Insomnia and Face Demons: A Personal Post

This is not a beauty post. Well. Maybe it'll end up being one, but as of now I don't plan on beauty things happening here. I'm really just blogging because I can't sleep (surprise surprise) and I'd like to talk about face demons. This post may contain some feminine related TMI so I'll put the meat and potatoes of it under the cut. 

But before I cut it off, for those of you who want to read but were like "I don't want to read a post that may contain TMI," I'd like to recommend an album for you, so that everyone can get something from this. I highly recommend anyone that enjoys listening to things with their ears take a gander at the Plastic Beach album by Gorillaz. 

Okay, now that I've done that (I hope you guys like it it's a big favorite of mine, because it's such an eclectic mix of different genres all meshed into one album).

Also ignore any cursing that happens below the cut. It's all censored with little asterisks, just to be sensitive, as I know some of you may not be into that kind of thing. 

So, here goes....
Do you guys ever get those breakouts where not only do you look at your skin and utter a quiet, "F**k me," but it hurts? It's red, there are pimples, and you felt it before you could see it. The kinda thing that makes you just want to curl up in bed with an ice pack on your face and cry? That's me right now. It's awful, because I know this only happens with this severity when Mother nature is like honking her horn in the driveway. She's not at the doorstep yet, but she's laying on that f**ker, so you can here her loud and clear. It's almost kind of cruel. Like a warning that your house is about to be broken into, but it's not like you can stop it so all you have to do is sit and wait for the robbers to come in and mug you and hope it's as quick and painless as possible.

The worst part is, I can deal with feminine issues. Almost every woman has to go through it (I say almost to be trans* inclusive, for anyone that was about to say something, just shhhh), so I can suck it up and deal. But do the pre-game ceremonies have to be so f**king irritating? I feel like death in the days leading up to my cycle. 

And the breakouts. This is insanity. I know my sleep schedule is making it worse too, because sleep deprivation will f**k your skin up. Every night I don't sleep (and I know this is psychological) I can just feel my face tingling, as if it's saying "Guess what you're about to see crop up here in a few hours," and then maniacal laughter. Most nights I sleep an average of two-four hours, if that. Night's like tonight, it's currently four in the morning. I'm exhausted, but nothing will happen if I try to sleep. 

So I just walk through life exhausted, most nights not sleeping at all,  which has a silver lining, in that it gives me way more time to write blogs for you guys! Even though this isn't beauty related. Sorry about that one. I do have an eyebrow routine on the way (like later today on the way, it's scheduled), a Date Night GWRM (3/4 of the way done, probably scheduled for Saturday, my birthday, or Sunday.), a review of Benefit They're Real and Watt's Up, along with about a billion other ideas and plans I have. 

So I think I'll leave you all with questions. Do your face demons come out to play when mother nature is honking her horn from the driveway, or even bursting through the door like a pair of muggers ready to beat you and take your stuff? (The face demons, mother nature, and the muggers are all in cahoots if you ask me.) About how many hours do you sleep every night? Are you on the Army sleep schedule like me? Or are you one of those that sleeps for like 13 hours at a time? Does anyone know of a good, full coverage foundation? I'm in the market for a really very high coverage foundation that will cover my face demons on days like this. 

Thanks for reading, if you've gotten this far. I hope you don't have face demons like me.


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