Friday, September 6, 2013

Eyebrow routine

Hey Guys! 
So, if you couldn't tell from the title of this post, this is a blog all about my eyebrow routine. By no means am I an eyebrow expert, but I know a lot of people that have zero knowledge of anything eyebrow related so I thought I'd give you my basic routine, from start to finish, how I remove trim, shape, fill in, etc! 

I have kind of a weird obsession with eyebrows, if I'm being completely honest. I love all shapes and sizes, groomed, not groomed, arched, no arch, tattooed on, whatever. I'm not saying that everyone should do this particular routine, this look may not tickle everyone's pickle the way it does mine, but this is what I do. 

What I use:

Tweezers (e.l.f. professional), Shears (Togatta) eyebrow brush, paper towel/washcloth (or both) and ice/ice pack. I have a freezer pack but a plastic bag/paper towel with ice in it will do.

First, I run the paper towel under some warm water. I place it on my eyebrow and rub gently back and forth. It removes any makeup residue, and gently exfoliates. The water being warm helps open up the pores to make it easier and less painful to remove the hairs.

Then, I take my eyebrow brush, and brush the hair up and back away from the face, if that makes sense. See how the hair in the front is facing up, and the hair further down is more horizontal? If my crappy explanation is crappy, just go by the picture.

I then take my shears and trim away the hairs that are sticking up or are longer than they should be. DO NOT GET TRIM HAPPY. You will end up with holes and you'll have a lot of filling in to do, if holes are not your thing. Really, just trim the hairs that need it. 

Now for the tweezing! I determine the shape that I'd like my eyebrows to be, if I'm reshaping them. Then I pluck away the hairs that compromise this shape. If just trying to determine what shape you'd like by simply eyeballing it isn't your thing, you can pick up eyebrow stencils, or eyen using a darker eyeliner/brow pencil to fill in where you want hair to be, and then pluck away the other hair, that's cool too. I prefer to take artistic liberties, but do your thing.

Ouch, see how red and puffy the brow is now? To fix this, I like to just place my ice pack over the brow for a few minutes. It calms the inflamation, and any pain you're experiencing after that plucking. The ice pack is really a way to say sorry for all the mean things you just did to your skin. 

Then, a while after I've tweezed (NOTE: Do not do your makeup directly after tweezing your eyebrows. The skin is already very irritated, and if you put makeup on that, you could be running the risk of a breakout, or worse if you have sensitive skin.) and I'm doing my makeup, I fill in my eyebrows with a dark gray eyeshadow on an angled shadow brush. Eyeshadow is very forgiving, so it's easy to correct errors, and the look ends up looking very soft and natural. I start from the tail end of my eyebrow and gently apply the shadow in a motion that imitates hairlike strokes. Be gentle when picking up the shadow with the brush. You can always add more, but it's difficult to take away an application that's too heavy without disrupting the other makeup on your face. 

Hope you enjoyed my eyebrow routine!


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